Aromatherapy Candle - Travel Tin


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A aromatherapy candle should complement the scents of your environment and elevate your senses.

Hand poured using eco-friendly soy waxes and infused with 100%, bespoke pure essential oil blends, this collection is for people who seek sophisticated and luxe aroma.

These aromatherapy candles, with their minimalistic design, are a meaningful gift for you and your loved ones.

100% Pure Essential Oil 


Approx: 30 hours burn time

Scents Available:

Sweet Orange & Palmarose - Harmony - Freshly peeled orange, with the sweet, floral essence of palmarosa.

Grapefruit & Geranium - Focus - Fresh & exotic aroma of grapefuit meets the floral tones of geranium.

Lemon & Basil - Energy - Energising duality of strong citrus and balancing basil.

Roman Chamomile & Lavandin - Relax - Rich, fruity drops of Roman Chamomile mixed with French lavandin.

Clove & Jasmine - Awaken the Senses - Spicy, warm scent of clove accentuates the sweetness of the jasmine.

Siberian Fir & Cedarwood - Confidence - A refreshing alloy of earthy and warm notes. A blend of Scotch Pine and Cedarwood.