The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo - Cedar


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The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo is a pH-netural fabric wash that is gentle on an arrany of natural fibres including wool, cashmere, merino, mohair and more.

It thoroughly cleans, removing odour, dirt and oil while preserving your sweaters soft and supple hand and natural lanolin for decades to come.

Scented with Cedar, modern take on the traditional woody fragrance, combining sandalwood, orange and rose with a base of cedar.

The Laundress loves the cedar scent but the moths and critters dont. 

Highly concentrated - up to 32 washes.

Nontoxic, biodegradable, and allergen-free.

Cruelty free, free of petroleum, phosphate, phthalates and artifical colours.

475 ml